accioprongspadfoot asked: Hello ! I saw that you did a mean looking cauliflower pizza :) I tried it once, it was good but the crust wasn't hard , it kind of fell apart, I could'nt hold it in my hand like a real pizza slice. Do you have any advice ? I used a whole ball of mozzarella cheese, do you ? thanks, xx


Hey there dear (holy moly nice username)! I actually use only about 1/3 to 1/2 of a mozzarella ball for the dough (so about 50g). From the few times I have tried a cauliflower dough, I think the firmness depends a lot on the remaining water content. Maybe you could try squeezing more water from the microwaved cauliflower? I also use two eggs per head of cauli, while in most recipes it’s just one!

This is my recipe:

  • Grate 1 whole head of cauliflower. Microwave for approx. 10min on a high setting, stir once inbetween.
  • Tip into a clean dish towel. When cool enough so your hands won’t get boiled, form a little sack out of the cauliflower bundle and squeeze out as much liquid as you can! Reaaaaallly squeeeeze. Then drop the drenched cauli dough into a clean bowl.
  • Add two eggs, ~50gr of grated mozzarella and spices of choice (I use 1/2 tsp of each garlic, tbsp pepper, salt, oregano; 1/4 tsp macis, bellpepper powder)
  • Mush everything up with hands and form a ball. Spread it about 5-8mm thick on a baking sheet that’s sitting on an oven grate (I do this in my gas oven, if you have made better experiences with another setting go ahead) and let the pizza base bake in your oven on a high setting (~200°C) for about 10-15 min. It’s ready when it’s turning gold-brown at the edges :3
  • Top with sauce and your toppings of choice. Bake again for about 10 additional minutes
  • Tip to get it onto your plate nicely: Slip it over with the paper. Now tug away the paper from underneath. Usually some moisture from the dough softens up the paper so that this is easy to do!

If you would like to replicate my pizza sauce:

  • Put one chopped onion into an empty pot (Careful, do this before the pot is super hot or use some oil to avoid blackening! Burned onions ruin every meal).
  • Add 3-4 medium sized freshly diced whole tomatos. I don’t even remove the little white stumps, but go ahead of you want to.
  • Cook until it has a salsa-like texture.
  • Add vegetable broth powder, pepper, garlic, one small squeeze of lemon juice, basil (fresh if you have) and depending on your tomatos a tiny pinch of salt and/or sugar. (If you have chakalaka flake mixture in your pantry, you can try sprinkling some of that in, too, but it’s too spicey for some!)
  • The sauce can be spread onto the pizza hot or cold and from my experience doesn’t soak it through :3

Nomnom! <3

Thanks ! Definitely going to try your recipe for crust + sauce :)

(I didn’t squeeze any water last time oops)


2/77 Funny/Epic HP Moments

↳ The running Hogwarts toilet seat joke

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oh my fucking god


oh my fucking god

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but when you hear a line in a movie/tv show dIREctLY frOM tHE bOOk


When the way they say the line is completely wrong


and the HP fandom never forgave and it never forgot

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french weed joke:


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i like this


i like this

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Prince William, Prince Charles, and now Prince George…

The royal family is slowly transforming into the Weasleys.



best post ever

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Finally Hermione is finished&#160;! Now i’ll have to try and draw the 4 other ones… starting with Luna, I think o_o


Finally Hermione is finished ! Now i’ll have to try and draw the 4 other ones… starting with Luna, I think o_o

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girls don’t want boyfriends girls want a seven book series about the marauders’ life at hogwarts

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